Momma Girl and her puppies will be Diamond Dogs now. I know that I can’t change the plight of so many, but I CAN change her life and her puppies. I have reached out to a fellow rescue friend from Alabama for help in getting this family and having them vetted and quarantined until I can get them north.

​you’ve stolen my heart and in honor of all the mothers that I know whose love makes a difference, I hope this save will make a difference to you!


May 2017.  We’re in Red Bay, Alabama and it didn’t take long for me to recognize what my friends in rescue from this area see day in and day out. Evidence of no spay and neuter practice is EVERYWHERE. Pregnant dogs running free, puppies living in woods with their momma’s, dogs abandoned and homeless; running freely everywhere, dogs hit by cars along the road side are a frequent sight and even dogs that do have homes are running freely- AND NOT SPAYED OR NEUTERED. It’s hopeless for most of the dogs living here. To even expect that there could be someone to adopt all these forgotten dogs is not realistic.

I know I cannot make a huge difference in my desire to change the hopeless existence of so many............but, this Mother’s Day will be different for “Mama Girl” located here at Bunk House RV Conversions where we are staying while our motor coach is being worked on.
Abandoned, and living in the back of the yard where junk motor coach parts are discarded, is the sweetest girl AND her three puppies. As I sit in our coach and watch this family at the back of the yard I cannot just ignore them. And so each day I go to the back of the yard with my bag of dog food and water and call out to them.


This is not the end of our Mother's Day is the beginning!   As of July, 2017 all three puppies have been transported north and been adopted.  One of the little girls went to NJ to a family that had already adopted a Diamond Rescue Dog and the other girl and boy went to homes in MA where the parents are related and so they will see each other as they are growing up.

Maddie is currently available for adoption.  She was heart worm positive and before we had her treated we wanted to build her up to be strong for the treatment.  She has completed her injections and now is on restricted activity while we network to find her family.

To learn more about her as her journey continues, please check out her Facebook page at:


It’s been a week now, and finally momma has trusted that I will not hurt them. Just yesterday she crawled on her belly to me as I reached out talking to her. When she got near me she rolled over to let me know I am trusted and to show me that she's a sweet soul who wants to be loved. So, as I sat on the ground with her and began stroking her, she closed her eyes and gave in to my touch. And as I cupped her face into my hands she looked at me with gratitude....and I could only cry for the injustice of it all. How do my friends in rescue who live here do this every single day? How do they not want to just give up with the weight of this problem? How do they sleep nights without waking constantly thinking of the sweet faces they saw that day and worked to save?
I don’t know how old Mamma Girl is, but I have learned that this is the third time one of the other people staying at Bunkhouse has been here and seen her with a new litter of puppies. Guess that’s just how her life has homeless and having puppies every time you come into heat!

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